Path Of Exile War For The Atlas Coming Quickly

We’ve made certain that we’re the most effective place to POE Currency get for quite some time now. On the other hand we are just as big fans of the game as you are and lately the persons at Grinding Gear Games announced War For The Atlas, the newest saga within the Path Of Exile story and we could not be any more excited for this and now we’re taking a look at what Path Of Exile War For The Atlas is all about.

Story Driven Action
Lots of us adore the lore of Path Of Exile along with the story of War For The Atlas sounds fairly cool. There is certainly an all-out war amongst the forces in the Shaper in addition to a new force named, The Elder. Your character is caught in the middle of this conflict and from there may have to take on a ton of quests, raid a bunch of dungeons and do all they could to survive.

The Elder Sounds Amazing
The Elder sounds like it could possibly be the ideal entity in the history of Path Of Exile so far and we are certainly quite a few of one’s is going to be seeking to POE currency buy to make certain you’ve got sufficient orbs! It’s not only The Elder that sounds cool but the reality he can consume The Shapers creations and turn them into his personal twisted Elder Guardians that are going to become super difficult to defeat.

Lots of New Maps To Play On
One of the cool points about this conflict among The Shaper plus the Elder could be the destruction of the maps! We’ll now have 32 new maps to play on, maps that happen to be war-torn hell lands which are in decay as a result of this conflict. Using a ton of paths, enemies, and quests to take component in. These 32 maps are going to maintain all of us Path Of Exile players busy for very some time. We’re essentially extremely impressed that GGG has put so many new maps in Path OF Exile War For The Atlas.

Awesome New Items
We’re sure that numerous people will be looking to POE currency acquire after they see all the awesome loot. There are actually Shaped and Elder items which might be going to be introduced as a part of War For The Atlas. The Beast Skewer Vaal Blade plus the Thoughts Brow Hubris Circlet are just two of those things which have caught our eye. We do not know each of the details on these just but, but we do know that GGG has said these Shaped and Elder items may have properties which might be uncommon.

Ten New Gems
Grinding Gear Games have also announced that ten new gems are going to become a part of War For The Atlas. Not all of them happen to be announced yet, but a couple that we feel look really cool is Storm Barrier Help and Spell Cascade Help. Any time new gems are added to the game is cool!

New One of a kind Items
As you’d in all probability count on there is an entire host of new products coming in Path Of Exile War For The Atlas. So far we understand that there is certainly going to be 50 new special items added, but on the list of points that sound definitely cool is the fact that Grinding Gear Games have in fact made use of styles in the POE neighborhood for many of those new exceptional items so we can not wait to verify them out.

We would enjoy understanding what you guys consider of Path Of Exile War For The Atlas in the comments below. Also, make sure you buy POE currency obtain whilst all orbs are part of our Hot Sale!!!!

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